Assessor Qualifications

Do you need a qualification to assess competence, vocational skills and knowledge?

Or perhaps you want to learn more about assessment and how it works.

The work of an assessor is varied and interesting. You will work closely with your learners to support their development. You will plan their assessments, set assignments and project work, record your assessment decisions and conduct observations, provide feedback and agree next steps to support their progress. You will also work closely with other learning and development professionals to promote good practice and achieve the goals of your organisation.

About Our Programme

The City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA) is a nationally recognised qualification and considered to be the benchmark for best practice in assessing.

Our CAVA qualification will prepare you for assessing both work-based competency and vocational achievement. It is a combination of the following three units:

Unit 1. Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment. A knowledge-only award for those who are interested in assessment practice but not currently practicing.

Unit 2. Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment. For those who wish to assess the demonstration of competence using a variety of assessment methods.

Unit 3. Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement. For those who wish to assess knowledge and/or skills in vocationally-related subject areas using a variety of methods.

On our programme you will gain an in-depth knowledge of assessing. Topics include the essential principles and practices, and how to plan and implement a variety of assessment methods that cover vocational skills, workplace competence, knowledge and understanding.

You will also learn about quality assurance for assessment processes with topics such as recording assessment judgements, legal requirements, diversity and inclusion, health and safety, and learner wellbeing.

Who is this qualification for?

Our Level 3 qualifications are perfect for anyone wishing to progress into a career as a qualified Assessor or End Point Assessor.

The most popular option is the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA) qualification covering all three units. Or you can take each unit as a separate qualification depending on your needs.  The qualifications are transferable in any sector that you, as the assessor, hold occupational competence in.

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Delivery format

The programme begins with interactive workshops to introduce knowledge and good practice. We will create an enjoyable and rewarding experience with practical activities in a small group setting.  With the successful completion of one written and one practical assignment after the workshop, you will complete Unit 1.

To complete Units 2 and 3 you will produce a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates your competence to assess. This includes everything from planning through to feedback, personal reflections, product evidence, and our observations of you assessing learners.

Indicatively, allow 6 to 9 months to complete this qualification. There are a few practical requirements to highlight:

  • You will need three learners to work with to develop the skills and provide the evidence required for the qualification.
  • You will need support from a qualified Assessor familiar with your sector standards as well as the person responsible for Internal Quality Assurance in your organisation.
  • Our Assessor will make arrangements with you for the observation of your practice.

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