Business Planning Unwrapped

Thinking of starting something new?

Unsure if your business idea is feasible or if your vision will make sense to others?

Need a business plan to get the funding you need?

Our course will demystify business planning and provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to take a structured approach to preparing for and writing a great business plan that is easy to share and use.

A good business plan will bring clarity to your business idea and help you share your vision with others.

Whether you are involved in a business, charity or another organisation, the principles and benefits of a good business plan are the same. A business plan will tell your story. It will describe the future you wish to create as well as the strategy and activity plan to achieve it.

In any business planning exercise, there are two tasks: the planning work and writing the plan document.

Before you write the document, the work starts with a detailed assessment of where you are and where you would like to be? We’ll outline a six-step process to guide you through the thinking and analysis that goes into this planning work.


The course includes a one hour meeting with an advisor to relate the content to you and your organisation.

About Our Course

During this course, we will guide you through the preparation required for a robust plan. We’ll delve into developing a clear vision and strategy that best positions you for success, exploring the resources and activities required to make it happen.  Additionally, we’ll provide guidance on how to write an accessible document that effectively communicates your story.

With a focused and interactive approach, this course ensures that best practices are easily understandable and applicable.  Breakout sessions and networking provide opportunities to share ideas and ask questions. Our trainer will share their real-world experience of business planning and reviewing the plans of others.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to create a robust and compelling business plan.

Join us to enhance your planning skills and drive success for your organisation.

What we will cover

Topics include:

The course includes a one-hour meeting with an advisor.


Price £150 plus VAT

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