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We offer a range of business skills courses designed to support businesses, charities and social enterprises.

Our practical learning programmes will equip you with the knowledge and skills to do more with confidence. Whether you are starting a new role, want to take your skills, knowledge and experience to the next level or seeking a refresher, we can help.

Read more about our start-up, business planning, finance, recruitment, marketing, and governance courses below.

We also offer bespoke learning programs tailored to your unique requirements. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs. Our consultation is free and comes with no obligation.

Business Planning Unwrapped

The Business Planning course provides individuals and organisations with the necessary tools and knowledge to develop a clear vision, strategy and a compelling business plan, enhancing planning skills and driving success.

Financial Management and Planning

The Financial Management and Planning course is designed for individuals without formal finance training. This course provides practical tools and knowledge to effectively manage and plan finances, make informed decisions, and drive financial success for organisations.

Good Governance

The Good Governance course is designed for individuals new to governance roles or interested in understanding governance. You’ll gain a comprehensive knowledge and the practical tools to navigate the complexities of governance, assess and improve practices, and fulfill leadership responsibilities effectively.

Marketing Essentials

The Marketing Essentials course offers an introductory and comprehensive approach to marketing. This course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to develop effective marketing plans and collaborate with professionals. We explore customer needs, branding, advertising, market research, sales, and customer service.

Recruitment and Selection

The Recruitment and Selection course provides a comprehensive understanding of attracting and selecting the right candidates for both managers and job seekers. You’ll cover topics such as effective planning, decision-making frameworks, job descriptions, assessment techniques, and legal considerations, with a focused and interactive learning approach.

Starting a New Enterprise

The Starting a New Enterprise programme offers comprehensive guidance and personalised support for individuals interested in starting or growing a business. Topics covered include market viability, differentiation, financial management, and business planning, while providing real-world insights in our interactive sessions.

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