Good Governance Course

Know governance is important but are not sure what it means?

Would you like to improve the way your Board works?

Starting a new organisation and want to get governance right from day one?

Our Good Governance course explores best practice and governance in the real-world. By demystifying the subject, we will equip you with a clear understanding of  your leadership role and responsibilities. You’ll also receive practical advice and the tools to assess and improve governance.


This course is designed specifically for those new to the Board of a charity, social enterprise or school Governing body. It is also ideal for if you are interested in finding out more about the roles and responsibilities involved in Governance.

Governance is often defined as the systems by which organisations are run. It is about people too: the strategy they develop, how well they work together and how they are protected from harm or liability.

Its implications extend to every aspect of an organisation and how you and your colleagues lead it; from decision making processes, to the planning and execution of day-to-day activities.

Additionally, the course includes a one hour meeting with an advisor, enabling you to directly relate the course content to your organisational context.

About Our Course

Whether you are starting something new or already have a governance role, the Good Governance course will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Discover how to assess and address governance challenges, whilst ensuring the highest standards of practice.

The course offers a focused and interactive learning experience, combining theoretical knowledge with practical applications. We make the complex legal aspects easily accessible, enabling you to navigate the governance landscape with confidence.

Breakout and networking sessions provide opportunities to share ideas and ask questions. Our experienced trainer will share their real-world experience of good governance across a range of different organisations.

What we will cover

Topics include:

The course includes a one-hour meeting with an advisor.


Price £150 plus VAT

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