Marketing Essentials

Would you like to know more about marketing?

Got a product idea but not sure if there is a market for it?

Want to grow your business profitably?

Our Marketing Essentials course will explain marketing and provide you with the knowledge and tools to develop a marketing plan and execute it effectively. In addition, your new understanding will help you select and collaborate effectively with professionals providing design, PR and social media services.

This course is an introduction for people who would like to learn more about marketing or plan social media and other promotional activity. It’s also ideal for those preparing to hire a designer or other marketing service professionals.

Marketing is more than just advertisements and promotional activity – it lies at the heart of any organisation’s strategy. It encompasses your target audience, meeting their needs, reaching them effectively, and serving them profitably.


The course also includes a one hour meeting with an advisor to relate the content directly to you and your organisation.

About Our Course

We’ll consider all aspects of marketing from customer research to branding and the right price to charge. We’ll explore how to ensure the offering to customers is clear and communicated well in advertising, PR and social media. Additionally, we’ll outline the common research techniques and tools used, such as focus groups, surveys and interviews.

The Marketing Essentials course goes beyond theory, encompassing the broader perspective of customer engagement and satisfaction. We’ll delve into the sales process and customer service experiences that drive long-term success.

The course will be a focused and interactive mix of learning methods, providing you with accessible best practices in marketing. Breakout and networking sessions will enable you to share ideas and ask questions.

Our experienced trainer will explain industry jargon and share their real-world marketing experience gained from working in both start-up and established businesses.

What we will cover

Topics include:

The course includes a one-hour meeting with an advisor.


Price £150 plus VAT

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