Recruitment and Selection

Would you like to know more about recruitment and how it works?

Want to attract and select the right candidate?

Or reduce the risk of making the wrong hiring decisions?

Our Recruitment and Selection course is designed for both new and experienced managers seeking to attract and select the right people for their teams. It is also ideal for job seekers who are looking for a new role and want to understand more about what to expect during the recruitment process.

Recruitment is not just about interviewing. Employers must have a clear understanding of the role’s purpose, as well as the desired skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities they are looking for in an applicant.

But it’s not just about the employer. Job seekers also need an insight into the opportunities available as well as the employer’s culture and future prospects, so that they too can make an informed decision.

The challenge lies in creating a process and environment that allows both parties to make the decision that is right for them.


The course includes a one hour meeting with an advisor to personalise the content to you and your organisation.

About Our Course

We’ll explore the planning and execution of an effective recruitment and selection process, considering the perspectives of both employers and applicants.

We explore the decision making framework and the insights required to make it.

The course takes a focused and interactive approach, with best practice and legal aspects made easily accessible.

Breakout and networking sessions provide opportunities to share ideas and ask questions.

Our trainer will share their real-world experience of recruitment and selection.

What we will cover

Topics include:

The course includes a one-hour meeting with an advisor.


Price £150 plus VAT

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